Meeting of the 49th Annual General Meeting held at

Stoke Gabriel Village hall Devon on

Saturday 22nd September 2018.


The meeting was declared open at 1. 45p.m by Hon Secretary Tracy Totman due to no Chairman in attendance due to Keith Fletcher’s untimely death during the year. Tracy welcomed everyone to the meeting.  There were 21 members present.


1.     Apologies for absence.

Val and Tony Oughton, Gerry Smith, Jill Ingar, Tony and Sheila Troth Alexander and Aubyn and Bill Arbuckle.


2.     Minutes of the 48th Annual General Meeting.

The minutes were agreed and signed. Proposed by Malcom Mortimer and Seconded by Allen Williams. 


3.     Matters arising from minutes

There were no matters arising.


4.     Chairman’s Report.

There was no Chairman’s report as unfortunately Keith Fletcher had died in March from Cancer.  It was noted how he was missed and how he and Lynda had been a great

support to the club over the years they had been members. 


5.     Treasurer’s Report.

Due to Gerry Smiths continued ill health he was unable to attend the rally so in his absence Tracy Totman reported that everyone had a copy of the accounts that Gerry had prepared.  She asked if anyone had any questions.  Jean asked about an amount that had been shown as secretary expenses an amount of £270 for last years AGM.  Tracy explained that this amount was the deposit payments for the meals that had been paid up front for the AGM. Jean Yates explained that she had spent some of the club’s money on pin badges and window stickers and a gift for each van that would be attending the special 50th birthday celebration rally next year at Stratford upon Avon.  Gerry was concerned that the funds had been somewhat depleted. Jean raised that Gerry would like to put up the subscriptions from £10 to £15 and asked the floor to discuss.  The consensus was that they did not want the fee to go up as we wanted to encourage more members and it was felt that by putting the subscriptions up this would not help with recruitment.  David Vigors then asked if it was possible to raise the Rally fee on rallies to £5 per person a week to allow for some money to be raised from the membership.  This was discussed, and the final decision was to raise the rally fee to £2.00 per person per week.  Gerry’s report was then Proposed by David Owens and Seconded by Allen Williams.


6.     Secretary’s Report.

Tracy reported that the membership stood at 40 members.  There had been a great loss of older members due to death and ill health.  There had been 8 new members since last year 5 of which had yet to rally with the club.

Two members had joined at the end of last year and their first rally would be New Year.

The new members who had joined and yet to rally were

Ken and Marion Clow, Tony and Lynda Syrett, Ron and Denise King, Bob and Rosanna Waterson, who were booked on New Year, and David and Enid Mundy who had just joined a couple of weeks ago.

Val and Tony Oughton had put their van on a seasonal pitch but would continue to be members and were coming to New Year.

Audrey and David Reynolds had been missed this year, but David had a bad foot which had curtailed his caravanning this year, but they hoped to be back next year.

Gerry Smith was desperate to get out in his van but due to ill health was unable to do so.  He is missing us and us him.

Tracy reported that we need to do a recruitment drive as rally numbers had been low this year.  The membership needs to be more country wide spread, so some leaflets had been printed and Tracy asked if everyone took some and distributed them to caravan dealers, caravan sites and anyone who asked about Welton’s when we were out and about.  Hopefully this will help gain us some new members around the country.

Tracy’s report was proposed by Gail Haste and Seconded by Pat Vigors.


7.     Election of Officers.

As there was no vote for any of the positions the following were appointed: -

Jean Yates                   Chairman

Tracy Totman             Hon Secretary

Gerry Smith                Treasurer

David Totman             Rally Secretary.


Tracy presented Jean with the Chain of Office and wished her well on her new role as Chairman.  She thanked Jean for the 20 years that she had been Rally Secretary and commended her on work on finding so many great venues.  Jean was presented with a card.

Jean presented David Totman with the rally secretary window plaque and pin badge and wished him good luck on his new role.



8.     Election of Committee.

The following members agreed to stand for the next year: -

Chris Sanderson

Gail Haste

David Owens

Pat Vigors  (Pat was elected from the floor)



9.     Proposed motion from Committee.

It was proposed from the Committee that the £20 deposit cheque be discontinued, but if a member failed to turn up for a rally and there was a cost to the club the member will pay this amount.  There was a discussion around the implications of this.

This was adopted by the floor unanimously.


The Constitution would be amended to read


If a member incurs the WOC with a cost, having themselves booked and then failed to attend a rally, the member will be liable for that same cost.


10.  Changes to the Code of Conduct.

Jean Yates reported that there had to be a change in the Code of Conduct.  Everyone had a copy and she said that she had put the changes in italics so that they would be easy to find.

The first change was in the Venue section and the changes read as follow’s


The organisation will use every endeavour not to camp on any site for more than 42 consecutive days or 60 days in any 12 consecutive months.  The organisation will also endeavour not to camp on any site being used for camping by other exempted organisations if, by doing so, the use of the site would be taken over these limits.  This will help avoid overuse of sites, particularly in popular areas.


The next change was in Spacing and Density.


There must be 10ft (3m) of clear space between units.  For this purpose, a unit includes the caravan/motorhome and any awning/gazebo and vehicle or tow car.  See appendix diagram.


Jean stated that this was a rule that had to be adhered to otherwise insurance would be invalid.  David Totman was going to make up some ropes to go into the equipment so that Rally Officers had a guide to spacing.

The updated Code of Conduct would be in the rally book.

11.  Presentations

Jean presented the officers and Committee with there thank you rally plaques for this years’ service.  Tracy presented Jean with her plaque.

12.  A.O.B.

David Totman asked if it could be considered that all members mobile phone numbers be accessible to Rally Officers in case members are needed urgently on a rally.  He gave an example of rallying near a river when it could flood suddenly, and vans needed to be moved.  There was a discussion and it was decided that this was a good idea and the best way would be to put ever single members mobile phone number in the back of the rally book.  Tracy is to contact every member to check that they are happy with this idea before the rally book goes to print.


Chris Sanderson proposed a vote of Thanks to the Officers of the club for all their hard work during 2018.


13.  Rally Secretary’s report.

Jean reported that she was still looking for rally officers for some of next years rallies and hoped that these vacancies would be filled because next year is the 50th Year of the Welton Owners Club and by the special AGM rally at Stratford Upon Avon in September if all the rallies go ahead it will also be the 800th rally.


Jean then did a power point presentation going over some of this year’s rallies and then presenting the programme for next year. Which consist of the following venues


31/3/19 to 14/4/19                            St Ives Cambridgeshire.

28/04/19 to 12/05/19                        Bexhill on Sea East Sussex

12/5/19 to 22/05/19                          Appledore Kent

2/06/19 to 17/06/19                          Dunnington York

17/06/19 to 30/06/19                        Corbridge Northumberland

14/07/19 to 26/07/19                 Wareham Dorset  (Needs rally officers)

26/07/19 to 10/08/19                    Lymington Hants   (Needs assistant rally officers)

28/08/19 to 11/09/19             50th Celebration rally at Stratford upon Avon

11/09/119 to 22/09/19                      Stourport upon Seven Worcs

06/10/19 to 20/10/19          Alderwasley Belpher  (Needs rally officers)

09/11/19 to 17/11/19            Yarwell Mill Cambs. (Christmas shopping)

28/12/19 - ?                                        Maybe New Year.


Jean stated that some of this years rallies had been well supported but some had been poorly attended.  It is hoped that next year things will improve.  Everyone who had attended a rally this year had really enjoyed themselves.


14.  Date and Venue of the 50th Annual General Meeting.

Saturday 7th September 2019 at 2p.m at Monks Farm Barn, Stratford Upon Avon.