Meeting of the 51st Annual General meeting held at

The Wharf Tavern, Goldstone, Shropshire

Saturday 26th September 2020


The meeting had to be held as a social distance meeting due to the Covid 19 rules.  All officers’ reports were handed out to members in the morning of the 26th September including the provisional list of rallies for 2021.  At 2pm The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Rally Secretary sat in a socially distanced circle and members came to speak to the group and raise any issues that they had.  This year was an exceptional year, one we hope we do not have to repeat again.

1.      Apologies for absence.

Gerry Smith, Paul and Julia Burden, Gail and Richard Haste, Sheena and Michael McCartney, Rosanna and Bob Waterson, Viv and Bernie Hawkins, Jill Ingar and Maureen and Allen Williams.

2.      Minutes of the 50th Annual General Meeting

The minutes of the meeting were agreed and Proposed by Denis Mattocks and seconded by David Owens.

3.      Matters Arising from Minutes

There were no matters arising.

4.      Chairman’s Report

It has been a strange year, I would venture the strangest in the 51 years of the Welton Owners Club, and indeed in all of our lifetimes.  The last time our rally programme was disrupted was in 2001, when foot and mouth hit the country, but out of that catastrophe we obtained a 28 day license, so for us, that cloud had a very large silver lining.  I am struggling to see any silver lining for this pandemic.

As you are aware, many clubs decided not to run any rallies this year.  A whole season cancelled.  I had several long conversations with Tracy and David before we made a decision.  We knew that some members would be concerned about going out, and others would be delighted to get away.  We introduced some new cleaning measurers and decided that we should begin rallying as soon as it was permitted.  I am delighted to report that we have now run three safe and successful rallies, due to the good sense of members.  A special Thank You from us all to Marion and Kenny who took on the first post Covid rally, which was also their first time as rally officers.

We have of course missed several rallies, with the season only beginning in July.  This year was David’s first programme as Rally Secretary, and we need to thank him and Tracy, the rally secretary’s secretary, for the problems that they have coped with, cancelling and postponing rallies and endeavouring to reclaim deposits.  I am pleased to say that David has re-booked some of those sites for us to enjoy next year.

Moving on to our finances.  Our new treasurer, Pat, has sorted out our balance sheet, and a thank you is owed to her for taking this over from Gerry.  Thank goodness we were solvent at the beginning of the year, as again no rallies has meant no income.

A Thank you to the committee and our rally officers, all really important people who we rely on every year.

I mentioned Gerry, and for those who know him, he would welcome text messages and or emails.  He takes a while to reply, but he says that he does miss us all.

Two members, Maureen and Allen Williams have sold their caravan and hung up their aqua roll.  They believe that they both had Covid in March and 5 months later have not fully recovered.  They send their best wishes to all members who know them, saying they had had 50 wonderful years of Caravanning many of them with the Welton’s.

Every year we lose members and every year we need to recruit members.  Our website does bring us enquiries, but mainly we rely on all of you to spread the word and bring us those new recruits.  So, I finish with a request, that all of us when we are out and about, sell the Welton Owners Club and bring us more like-minded people as lovely as you all are.

Report proposed by Val Mattocks and Seconded by Pat Vigors.

5.    Treasurers Report

I took over as treasurer from Gerry Smith at the AGM 2019 and I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for the help he gave me. 

I completed the accounts for the year ending 31st December 2018 and you should have a copy of this earlier in the year.  Expenses this year were considerably higher than usual but was due to the Welton Owners Club 50th Anniversary being held in 2019.  If you have any queries, please ask me.

There is a copy of the accounts for the year ending 31st December 2019 in your AGM rally pack, given to you today.  Once again, any queries please ask me.  It has been a very quiet year through Covid and therefore the Bank balance up until this meeting remains healthy, currently £2177.43p

Report proposed by Brain Gent and Seconded by Chris Sanderson.


6.    Secretary’s report.

The membership stands at 43 members at the present time.

14 members failed to renew membership at the beginning of this year.  Many of them had joined and had not rallied with us.  Some had become ill but some there was no reason given.

We have 9 members that are down as new members although not necessarily for this year, but they have yet to rally with us.  We have had 4 new members this year. Not a good year for membership due to Covid.

The majority of the membership is based in East Anglia and we would like to try and get more members countrywide.  We are trying to come up with ideas on how to do this.  If you have any great ideas, please come and speak to any Committee member.

I have printed off some new leaflets if anyone who does not live in East Anglia would like to take some to local caravan dealers or sites, please come and get some.

We had one member who did their first rally with us in Norfolk.  Bob and Rosanna Waterson had been members for about 3 years but until now have not managed to join us, so it was great to welcome them onto the rally field.

I have membership cards ready for 2021 and I will be happy to take your money.  I shall have membership cards at my table this afternoon, or you can come and see me anytime.


7.    Election of Officers

As there was no vote for any of the positions the following were appointed: -

Jean Yates                       Chairman 

Tracy Totman                Hon Secretary

Pat Vigors                        Hon Treasurer

David Totman                Rally Secretary


8.    Election of Committee

     The following members agreed to stand for the next year: -

Gail Haste

Chris Sanderson

Dennis Harris

Marion Clow.


9.      Presentations.

Jean presented the officers and committee with their thank you plaques for this years’ service during the time that they came to the tables.

10.    A.O.B.

Dennis Harris asked why the website payment was only made every three years.  Pat said that she had just paid Helen again recently and that Helen only asked for the money infrequently.  It was decided that Pat to contact Helen and arrange payment annually.

Dennis Harris also raised that the website was not working properly.  There was no access to past newsletters and several of the links were not working.  Jean said she would raise this issue with Helen.

Chris Sanderson supplied a statement. I would like to extend my thanks to my fellow committee members for their work on behalf of the club.  I am especially pleased that having proposed her to join the committee Pat has taken on the role of Hon treasurer, replacing the long-standing Gerry in that role.

Especial thanks to Tracy and David for the work they do to keep the club going and growing.  Because of Covid its been a very challenging time for the Rally Secretary and I am especially grateful to David for securing Fendicks Fishery site so the Norfolk rally could still go ahead and Maggie and I could still do our bit  as rally officers, kindly assisted by Pat and Dave.

With the age profile of our members, it is inevitable that each year we will see a number of people retire their membership.  It is evident that the majority of members live in East Anglia and from the recruitment point of view easier to do it on home turf so to speak.

Perhaps it would be a good idea for all members to set themselves a target of attracting one new member to join us, such that we see membership spread more evenly across the country.


11.  Rally Secretary’s Report.

This year is my second year as Rally Secretary but my first year of producing the rally book and the programme.

Firstly, I would like to start by apologising for all the errors in this year’s book.  It has been a huge learning curve.  I will endeavour to improve next year.

It was always going to be difficult taking over from Jean who had done such a sterling job for over 20 years.

I tried to do the whole of 2020 with new venues.  This has not always gone well.  With the first rally of the year being cancelled due to flooding on the site. The Corona Virus put paid to 4 rallies.  We had a site that had been sold and we had not been informed so I had to find another site at the last minute.  Site prices have jumped up terribly this year due to Covid as many people have purchased caravans.  Sites are asking £25 plus a night for vans even for a rally.

Attendance on rallies since our return has been good so I am hoping that next years rally programme will encourage you all out (if we are allowed).

If anyone has any suggestions for 2022 come and talk to me and I will see what I can do.  I have already had a request for South Wales.  If you would like a November rally for 2021 can you let me know.  I am happy to find a venue.

Next year I have tried to find sites that are still charging a reasonable amount and there are 4 new venues and the rest some of us have visited before.  Unfortunately, because of Covid I am unable to do a power point presentation, so I have a handout for each unit.  Please ask If you have any questions. I do have three rallies without rally officers at the moment.  Please come forward and volunteer, without rally officers’ rallies cannot go ahead.  It is not an arduous task and we will help in any way we can.

Due to the rising cost I will need to increase the cost of rally plaques to 50p next year.  Hopefully you will all agree. If you have an issue with this, please came and see me this afternoon at my table.  The increase will be from 1st January 2021

If anyone would like to volunteer to be Rally Secretary, I am more than happy to stand down and give someone else the opportunity.

Let’s hope we have a successful 2021.


The 2021 Rally Programme will be as follows: -

28/03/21 to 11/04/21               (Easter)              The Lawns, Fleet, Spalding.

28/04/21 to 08/05/21                                            Home Farm, Blue Anchor, Minehead

08/05/21 to 06/06/21                                            Porth Beach, Porth Cornwall

28/05/21 to 06/06/21                                            The Rose Inn, Shotley, Suffolk

13/06/21 to 27/06/21                                            Swiss Farm, Henley on Thames

11/07/21 to 25/07/21                                            Newsholme Manor, Keighley, West Yorks

25/07/21 to 08/08/21                                            Humblescough Farm, Nateby, Lancs.

05/09/21 to 19/09/21                                            Lyndon top, Rutland Water,

19/09/21 to 03/10/21               AGM                   The Angel Inn, Larling, Norfolk

18/10/21 to 28/10/21                                            Barnstones, Banbury Oxon

Nov  TBA  ?


Date and venue of next AGM.

Saturday 25th September 2021 at 2p.m

Harling Old School Village Hall, East Harling, Norfolk.


Previous PDFs AGM reports.

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