December 2019.



I picked up next year’s Rally Books from the printers last week, and the photos on the cover really tell a story of the 2019 season.  There is much sunshine in evidence, many smiling faces of members enjoying their time with friends, and some interesting venues.  That for me sums up an idyllic caravanning year and 2019 was indeed a very special year with the Club’s 50th Anniversary and 800th rally both being celebrated in some style.

The Club welcomed many new members last year and we continue to thrive at a time when we see other small clubs closing.  Of course, we lose members too, often for rather sad reasons, but for those honorary members reading this, I can assure you that you and your partners are not forgotten.

2019 was a year to remember, but once Christmas is over and 2020 arrives, there is another season to plan, booking slips to send off, and the anticipation of sunny rallies to come.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New year

Jean Yates



Lloyds Bank have changed their rules and we now have to write all cheques out in full. So, no cheques can be accepted with WOC on them it has to read Welton Owners Club.

Thank You


It is time to renew your membership. Please can you send your £10 renewal fee to Tracy Totman, as from this year Gerry is no longer our Treasurer.  Tracy will send you your membership card.  Please make sure that you make all cheques payable to Welton Owners Club please. Tracy’s address is in the rally book.



As this newsletter goes out so hopefully will the rally books.  Don’t forget David has put a lot of effort into organising this programme for 2020 and lots of people have come forward to run these rallies so get booking.  The programme is varied with different facilities and prices so there should be something in there for everyone.

Look forward to seeing you all next year.




Ashbourne, Sunday 6th October to Sunday 20th October

Well just two weeks before the rally was supposed to start the landowner at Alderwasley decided he wanted £7 a night for electric hook up and that the field was muddy, so not suitable for motorhomes or units with out 4x4 cars.  Time for a rethink I felt.  So, David was left with the task of finding another venue whilst I took our Daughter off to the hospital. On my return he had succeeded in finding us a rally on the Camping and Caravan Club site at Ashbourne at a good rate.  Everyone was duly informed and disappointingly our numbers dropped from 6 to 4 units.  Never mind you know us, onward and upward. 

We arrived on Saturday the 5th and awaited Jean Yates and Drummer who duly arrived on the 6th.  So, the first week was just the two vans.  We had a very good week.  Jean knows Derbyshire extremely well as she has a great interest in the history of the Dunstable Monks who were very established in Derbyshire.  She has a great circle of friends, and we had the pleasure of meeting some of them.  Tuesday was a glorious day, so Jean took us on a tour of all her special places telling us along the way lots of information.  We stopped for lunch at pub where we all enjoyed a good old-fashioned steak pie.  Food was good here so we booked a meal for the following Sunday when the rally would be complete. On the Wednesday evening Jean was invited to a meeting about some historical wells in a village called Parwich so we went along too.  Very interesting evening.  On the Thursday evening Jean did a talk in another village about the Met Office and D Day Landings.  It was really interesting and worth asking Jean to do for us one day next year.  David and I visited Ashbourne, Matlock Belper Dovedale, the Tram museum at Crich and several NT properties during this rally.  On the Saturday, Jean and I drove to Sheffield to visit Gerry Smith our retiring Treasurer.  It was so lovely to see him but so frustrating for him as he can no longer talk to us and has to use his phone to communicate.  We went out for lunch which Gerry insisted on treating us too.  We presented Gerry with a gift for his service to the Club over the years.  He was thrilled.


Chris and Maggie arrived on Saturday and Pat and Dave arrived on Sunday.  We all enjoyed the second week getting out and about.  Chris and Maggie and David and I went off to the Caravan Show at the NEC which turned out to be a very expensive day for both couples.  We all enjoyed a couple of meals out together during the week.  Apart from the rain and the mud, we had a great time.  We did see some sunshine.  We all headed home on the 20th having enjoyed each other’s company yet again and looking forward to the next one

Tracy Totman (Rally officer)


Yarwell Mill Rally.

 Saturday 9th Nov to Sunday 17th November

Rally officers Gail and Richard Haste


On Saturday 9th November 2019 8 caravans travelled to Yarwell Mill Country Park. We checked in at reception where we got our passes to open the barriers .We then made our way across a bridge and alongside the river Nene, water was rushing along from the lock gates ,the  level was fairly high but we were assured that the Environment Agency were monitoring the situation.2 caravans were pitched on the grass on our arrival and driving across the large expanse of grass to join the others it was obvious that the ground was very soggy. The other intrepid caravanners arrived a bit later but Tony Syrett stopped before he was pitched and had to be pushed as the wheels were spinning on the ground. Dave and Jan joined us the following day and the rally was complete.

During the following days the weather was not wonderful, but we all got out and about visiting Peterborough, Stamford, Grantham and other places in the area. Together with the Syretts and the Clows we visited every charity shop in Stamford. Gail visited the Rieker shoe factory getting a bargain.

On Wednesday the sun was shining (but not for Long) Jeremy allowed us to use his awning so we could have a get together over tea coffee and biscuits.

We all enjoyed the rally, but the field was getting gradually wetter and wetter. The water level of the River Nene was rising. The lady in reception assured me that they had a three-phase warning system in operation should the river break its banks. I think it was 1, it’s rising 2, its higher 3, Swim.

On Thursday 2 members left early, leaving 6 vans and occupants. We had a chat on Friday and decided that the rest of us would leave Saturday morning. The grass by that time was very waterlogged and four-wheel drive was essential.

Thus, ending the Yarwell Mill Country Park Rally.


Denis Mattocks.






Tracy Totman

Hon Secretary Welton Owners Club


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